Today March 26, 2020 the voting membership of Drum Corps International unanimously voted to cancel the 2020 Competitive Season/Tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the drum corps world this is very tough on everyone from the organizations, students/members, staff, and especially the fans and supporters. For us here at Spirit Performing Arts Inc. and Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps, it has turned out to be what we see as a blessing in disguise.

As a result, we see this as an opportunity to build, recruit and educate our student membership to the greatest of levels. But also, an opportunity to continue to build our organization and financial viability.

As we prepare to keep pushing towards our goals, we ask that you do what you can to stay safe and healthy. Please look forward to hearing more about our plans, support our fundraisers (if you can), and volunteer your time (if you can).

Best regards,

Dwight Singleton
CEO, Executive Director