Spirit Performing Art Announces New Partnership: Acceptd Virtual Audition Platform!

Spirit Performing Arts Inc has joined forces with Acceptd (http://www.getacceptd.com) to bring a new standard to the virtual audition process within the drum corps community. Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps will implement the Acceptd program into its audition, recruitment and member management processes. We are proud to be a part of the Acceptd family, to join the ranks of so many great performing arts institutions.

Spirit on track to return for 30th Anniversary!


Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps (formerly Spirit of Newark/NJ) looks to officially return to the Drum Corps International stage as a SoundSport organization. After a 7 year hiatus, Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps returns with a new parent organization Spirit Performing Arts Inc, led by a new Executive Director, Board and a World Class staff. Originally scheduled for a 2020 return however due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ultimate cancellation of the 2020 season, the return had to be postponed.


“As a charter member of the original organization, it was imperative that I along with our current board of directors do everything possible to make sure that this organization continues the legacy for generations to come.” – Dwight Singleton, CEO/Executive Director

While the world continues to deal with pandemic with uncertainty, Spirit has dedicated its organization to pushing through the fire to come out stronger than ever. Our educational philosophy is “To fulfill and preserve our commitment to Excellence through Education, Entertainment and Enjoyment, to open unlimited doors to the future”.

Look forward to hearing and learning more about what’s to come from Spirit.

Spirit Announces 2021 Visual Staff!

We are incredibly excited to announce our visual staff for 2021! We are extremely fortunate to house these talented educators ❤️ Expect to hear more from our staff in the coming weeks as we approach our Open House!

Spirit Announces 2021 Brass Staff!

Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps (formerly Spirit of Newark/NJ) is planning a return to competitive status as a DCI SoundSport member organization. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the plans for a 2020 season return was put on hold. However, the organization used the time wisely to continue fundraising, and building our infrastructure for whatever the activity will become in the future. With that said, Spirit Performing Arts Inc and Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps is excited to introduce our brass educational team! Look forward to meeting our visual, percussion, guard, and design teams within the coming weeks!!!

Spirit Is Hiring!

Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps, Northern NJ’s Only DCI Drum Corps is looking for GREAT EDUCATORS to join us in preserving our “COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE”. For more info email, resumes@spiritperformingarts.org



As we all know the 2020 competitive season’s cancellation leaves our activity in unstable times. However, with the support of Drum Corps International and generous contributors, our activity and member organizations will be able to survive these times. Spirit has joined the #MarchOn campaign to fundraise in efforts to maintain our programs.


Spirit Performing Arts Inc. and Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps have partnered with FJM, Inc. for the creation and production of Spirit’s new uniforms. The team at FJM has been an amazing partner from the beginning to end on the design and concept of our new uniform. We are looking forward to unveiling the new designs to the world later on this year.


Today March 26, 2020 the voting membership of Drum Corps International unanimously voted to cancel the 2020 Competitive Season/Tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the drum corps world this is very tough on everyone from the organizations, students/members, staff, and especially the fans and supporters. For us here at Spirit Performing Arts Inc. and Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps, it has turned out to be what we see as a blessing in disguise.

As a result, we see this as an opportunity to build, recruit and educate our student membership to the greatest of levels. But also, an opportunity to continue to build our organization and financial viability.

As we prepare to keep pushing towards our goals, we ask that you do what you can to stay safe and healthy. Please look forward to hearing more about our plans, support our fundraisers (if you can), and volunteer your time (if you can).

Best regards,

Dwight Singleton
CEO, Executive Director

Spirit Returns










After a 6 year rebuilding and restructuring period, we are proud to announce that our premier program Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps, is preparing to return back to the field as a Drum Corps International SoundSport Team. Thanks to the efforts of our board and executive leadership, we were able to rebuild the organization properly.


“Being a founding member of the original organization and having seen the organization’s growth and unfortunate folding, it was imperative to focus on building the business part of the organization with a strong foundation. And although that means a longer process in returning to competitive touring status, the goal is to have this organization around long after we’re gone.” 
-Dwight Singleton, Executive Director